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Welcome to the 2021 VKC Virtual Science Day Presentations page.
Thank you for taking part in this year’s event by reviewing the pre-recorded presentations our Science Day participants created ahead of the live portion of Science Day, which will be held on Friday, Nov. 5, 11:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. There will be a keynote speaker, Data Blitz presentations, and a series of live breakout sessions over the course of the afternoon. It’s sure to be an exciting day! Click here to access the required Zoom connection link to participate on Nov. 5.

Visit the official VKC Science Day webpage at https://vkc.vumc.org/vkc/scienceday/ for updates on our keynote speaker Brian Boyd, Ph.D., this year’s Data Blitz presenters, and a detailed schedule of the day’s events.

How to Search the Website:
All materials on this site will be available for advance perusal now through Nov. 5. There are several search options when trying to find a particular poster, presenter, or topic. At the top right of this homepage is the option to Search By Author. In the righthand column is the option to Search by Theme, and a Categories dropdown menu to search by keyword. For a more specific search, type into the Search box at the bottom. Click on the presentation title to access the video, poster, and abstract of the presentation you’re interested in reviewing.

VKC Science Day Competition and Faculty Judging:
For those who elected to compete for cash prizes in the Science Day Competition, you’ve each been assigned two faculty judges whose task it is to review your presentation video, poster, and abstract and come up with some follow-up discussion questions for you. It is up to the judge to decide how he/she would like to converse with you (email, livestream chat, face-to-face if comfortable), but it is in your best interest to respond to their questions as soon as possible. Part of your competition score will be given based on your ability to answer questions clearly, concisely, and in an expedient manner.

Discussion Etiquette:
Each presentation page includes the presenter’s contact information, if you have follow-up questions. Please include some mention of “Science Day” in your email subject line to alert the presenter of a research question, especially if you do not know the presenter personally. In addition, there will be four 30-minute breakout sessions as part of Science Day on Nov. 5, during which attendees can chat with the presenters. Due to the number of presenters and the limited time of each breakout session, please coordinate a separate time to hold more robust discussion about the research.

About Science Day:
VKC Science Day is an annual event where undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research faculty, and research staff come together to present new and exciting research currently being conducted in labs or research programs of VKC members and investigators. The goals of Science Day are to promote “centeredness” by providing a scientific forum; to provide an opportunity to present significant research findings; and to encourage research collaboration.

About the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center:
The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) supports basic/molecular, applied, and clinical research and training. The VKC has over 300 faculty researchers, staff, and affiliate members working together across disciplines to create basic and clinical scientific discoveries, to translate research into best practices, and to train the next generation of researchers and practitioners. The ultimate goal is to make positive differences in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Please email Science Day coordinator Elizabeth Turner at elizabeth.turner@vumc.org.